We are all passengers

Charting a new course for the greatest flight of all

Change is in the air for the world’s largest producer of sustainable fuels.

We worked with Neste to establish their brand as the face of a soaring new industry and a key player in the fight against climate change. The key to success lay at the heart of the brand and its audience: the magic of flight.

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As individuals, we feel powerless against a crisis whose global scope is seemingly beyond our control. It’s worth reminding ourselves that we all share this planet together—and it’s up to each of us to help steer the way.


The Earth is the greatest flight there is, and all of us are its passengers. We knew we’d landed on a powerful metaphor—and one that deserved powerful creative to match. Global in scope but sustainably shot in a single location, “Passengers” is a huge brand story in an elegant package: a quiet odyssey through the lives of individual passengers and the planet they call home.


“Passengers” was enthusiastically received by Neste leadership and immediately incorporated as a key element of its brand DNA. Its overarching campaign story and assets continue to act a touchstone for the Neste brand as it establishes itself as the global leader in sustainable aviation fuels on all fronts, including the opening of new refineries and the premiere of Neste SAF, their latest productized offering.

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