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At Langrand, innovation is future driven and present focused. We help business leaders innovate to unlock new potential, forge sustainable paths to growth and de-risk their futures.

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Areas of expertise

Growth strategy
Insight-led innovation
Strategic foresight
Organizational capacity building
Transformation strategy + management

Recent collaborations

Partnering with a large health plan to redefine how the industry designs new benefits and solutions for families

Reimagining the end-of-life experience for a world-renowned health system to give patients greater agency and reduce futile care

Launching a first-of-its-kind health insurance product that takes its cues from consumer retail

Case studies

Envisioning what’s next. Then bringing it to life.

Charting the future of ambulatory care

We explored the future of ambulatory care over the next decade for a premier healthcare system, leading to the discovery of strategic market growth opportunities.

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Shifting values and priorities among rising generations are poised to reshape the way patients are willing to interact with the healthcare system. We revealed untapped market opportunities by understanding what these future healthcare consumers will want and need—simultaneously mapping the changing dynamics in the workforce, economy, politics and policies, technology advancements, and more.


We conducted foresight research—scanning for signals of change and interviewing subject matter experts—and ultimately synthesized hundreds of scan hits into a dozen drivers of change that were crafted into four plausible and probable future scenarios. We explored implications for each scenario, along with strategic questions and recommended actions to capitalize on opportunities.

“Rising generations’ values will impact future consumer behavior and workforce dynamics, which will have profound business implications.” 

— Denise Worrell, Principal, Innovation + Transformation

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Critical opportunities for immediate action were generated, ranging from new business model opportunities to strategic moves that de-risk against futures the organization wishes to avoid. Leaders better understand how to navigate increasing market complexity and uncertainty while more confidently making decisions in the present to move the organization toward a viable long-term future.

Innovating to improve the chemo patient experience

We found over 60 opportunities to improve the chemo day experience for patients at a world-renowned healthcare organization—reducing wait times by 20% and increasing patient satisfaction scores.

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Patients walked an average of 11 football fields during a typical chemo day visit—navigating multiple appointments and spending nearly all day on site. Long wait times between and at appointments made the experience frustrating and inefficient for physically exhausted patients and staff.


We conducted human-centered design research, mapping the end-to-end journey for patients on chemo day through observations and interviews with patients, caregivers, providers and staff. From there, we documented and categorized pain points and opportunity areas, then systematically explored strategies to innovate.

"Insight drives change. Innovation transforms experiences."

— Shannon Langrand, CEO + Founder

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We designed a reimagined chemo day journey that brought the system to patients instead of requiring them to find their way across multiple buildings and departments, reducing 11 football fields of walking to 1.5. The organization vetted more than 60 recommendations, ultimately implementing 13 of the most pragmatic and high-impact innovations. As a result, the system saw a 20% decrease in peak wait times and increased patient satisfaction scores.

Additional capabilities

Business Model Innovation
Transformation Roadmapping
Stakeholder Management
Executive Leadership Alignment
Coalition Building
Change Management
Human-Centered Design
Workshop Design + Facilitation
Scenario Planning
Trend + Change Driver Analysis