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Moving beyond talking at women to really listening to them

A hospital that lives up to its name.

Advice is everywhere for women—especially when it comes to her life and healthcare choices. But the right treatment or decision for one woman may not be the best choice for another. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas is here to listen to every woman and create a care plan that fits her wants—and needs.

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The world is full of advice for women and, too often, that advice feels more like judgment.


Give voice to the “guidance” women receive about how to live their lives—and kick it to the curb. This powerful and provocative campaign features real women sharing the very real advice that every woman has received at some point in her life. By putting our client in the listening role, we positioned them as an empathetic ally for women everywhere.


The raw honesty and heartfelt transparency resonated with women everywhere.

This bold, heart-pouring campaign was part of a larger system-wide body of work that drove a 40% increase in year-over-year revenue for the HCA Gulf Coast Division. We established web performance as a KPI to measure increased engagement with a younger audience, and digital and social engagement for this campaign out performed all expectations.

+ 70% increase in impressions
517% increase in clicks and an increase in key web engagement statistics
15,384 additional physician profile views during the campaign period

It has also garnered awards for the agency and our client:

+ AAF-Houston 2020 Gold Addy – Consumer campaign
AAF-District 10 2020 Bronze Addy – Video editing
American Marketing Association 2020 Crystal Award

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