People Matter Most Campaign | Blue Cross of Idaho

Translating shared values into greater value for health insurance

Idaho’s largest health insurance brand takes its cues from everyday Idahoans.

Blue Cross of Idaho shows that when it comes to understanding what matters to everyday people and doing what works to make healthcare better, we’re all on the same side.

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When it comes to health insurance, what consumers want most is an ally—someone who shares their values and understands what’s important to them.


When you know what matters to people, you can start to do what works. Think how they think. Walk in their shoes. See things from their perspective. By following their members’ lead, Blue Cross of Idaho is leading the charge toward simpler, more affordable healthcare.


Brand research showed that this campaign changed attitudes about how people saw Blue Cross of Idaho—a local company that cares about people and is committed to simplifying health insurance and affordability:
+ Moving brand awareness from 67% to 79%
Improving brand consideration from 34% to 42%
Strengthening key measures of trust

This work has also been the recipient of numerous awards for the agency and our client:
+ AAF-District 10 2020 Silver Addy – Branded content
AAF-Houston 2020 Gold Addy – Consumer campaign
AAF-Houston 2020 Silver Addy – Magazine campaign, Out-of-home campaign, Branded content, Copywriting, Television

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