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Engaging locals on what keeps their city moving

Clarity and transparency win public trust.

Build Houston Forward has answers for anyone curious about road repair tax dollars: where they come from and where they go.

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When a city's infrastructure improvements are hard to see and the process is too complicated to understand, even the best deeds come under fire.


Put everything—debt, funding, fees, projects—on the virtual table. And explain it all. This re-imagined website simplifies complicated financial laws and processes, while answering the toughest questions from citizens and officials alike.

Impact tells a compelling and fiscally responsible story about our improved roads and drainage systems. The site is exceeding goals. Citizens are far more engaged and finding the information they need.

+ Nearly 50% increase in pageviews
More than 70% increase in pages per session
121% increase in average session duration
Users stay engaged on site 2 minutes longer than industry average
16% improvement in bounce rate
13% stronger bounce rate than industry average

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