POV – Benefits communications

In a world of confusion, clarity is king

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The worlds of healthcare and health insurance are complicated. And both employees and employers are faced with more complex benefits offerings and higher financial stakes than ever before.

Confusion surrounding employer-sponsored health insurance offerings can cause members to elect for plans that don’t match their family’s healthcare needs, miss out on cost-saving options or even avoid care altogether.

We’ve accumulated insights and knowledge that taught us what works, what doesn’t and how to put the most effective strategies and communication executions into practice. Here are five quick ways we can offer you thoughtful recommendations to make your benefits communications campaign more dynamic and effective:

Simplify the journey.

We do everything we can to make health plans easier to understand and navigate, every step of the way. We’ll assess your member journeys to ensure optimal integration. And we work with vendors to improve their part of the member experience, too. Because the key to simplifying healthcare is realizing it’s not about data, analytics or technology—but the people behind it.

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Develop communications campaigns that are a custom fit for your culture.

Health plan vendors tend to rely on off-the-shelf communications and engagement solutions that fail to make a real connection or move the needle on metrics that matter to you. We launch campaigns that are tailored for your workforce and its unique opportunities and challenges. Because we think beyond traditional health insurance campaigns and position our work around your people and priorities.

Ensuring employees take full advantage of the programs you offer

We use traditional advertising tools to sell something much more important than a product—what we’re promoting is better health. From getting employees to take their health risk assessment, to driving members to sign up for a diabetes management program—we ensure they use the services you’ve invested in and curated for them. Because a benefit’s not a benefit if employees don’t understand how it works or how much it costs.

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Use data to design more responsive communications strategies.

Data helps us make communications more personal and engaging, and that’s when employees start to take a more active role in their health. We have a history of working with employers, health plans and consultants to translate insights and metrics into actionable strategies. We can elevate your AE season by:

+ Analyzing quarterly health plan performance to spot opportunities for engagement

+ Facilitating strategy sessions to help design more responsive campaigns

+ Developing dashboards and executive-level presentations to share your wins

Help employees make better decisions.

Whether it’s choosing higher quality network providers, opting for urgent care over the ER, or actually shopping for healthcare before employees use it, we can work with you to create campaigns that highlight the real, everyday challenges employees face. Our strategy-based, customized personas facilitate better decision making for members and their families.