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We know annual benefits enrollment season is a busy time of year, and things are only getting more complex year after year for organizations like yours. We’d love the opportunity to connect with your benefits administration team and share our capabilities, hear your unique workforce challenges and see how a partnership between us might improve engagement, spend and overall health and wellness at your organization.

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Langrand offers turn-key, year-round strategic benefits communication services to some of the nation’s leading employers. We’d love to hear from you, share our thoughts about strategy and offer best practices for your benefits communications campaigns + design. Simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

Meanwhile, here are the 3 main ways we can help you boost employee and business wellbeing:

1 concept

We craft creative communication campaigns that are fresh, unique and effective solutions to your health insurance challenges. We can help you educate and empower employees, lay the foundation for improved employee health and elevate communication strategies.

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United Airlines was looking for a partner for their 2021 Annual Enrollment campaign to introduce the most significant benefit changes in the company’s history. A big job made bigger because United is made up of a diverse set of populations with distinct health needs and preferences.

Our “Now Arriving” campaign used familiar airline arriving/departure graphics to educate employees in a simple and entertaining way about the upcoming plan improvements. Overall, we brought communications materials to a new level of concept and design, created innovative approaches for communications to heighten engagement, educated employees about plan/benefit changes and the new quality of care, and reduced communications costs

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2 enrollment

From awareness campaigns to fully customized communications, we work with health plans and employers to drive member enrollment and enhance the understanding of new plan offerings to ensure better adoption and engagement. We’ll work together to revamp your benefits communication packages, create retention-focused communications and customize relevant experiences that facilitate better decision making.

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Anthem, a large health insurance provider, landed two national accounts with significant employee populations in states where they had little name recognition.

We strategically targeted marketing campaigns in geographies that could offer value-based plans to potential new members, while introducing Anthem as a friendly and trustworthy alternative to their current plans. We increased new members enrolled by 82,000, exceeded enrollment goals for both campaigns by over 20%, and expanded their reputation beyond the 14 states where they sell directly.

Increase your healthcare enrollment

3 simplify

We dig deep with our clients to make healthcare less complicated, so they can empower their employees and members to better understand their benefits and take a more active role in their health. We can help create, simplify and streamline your experience design, language and visual design, health literacy campaigns and benefits touchpoints like EOBs.

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DistributionNOW, a leading global stocking supplier of energy and industry solutions, faced a distinct challenge—to establish a brand for the benefits program that reflected its commitment to employees, while seeding the message that a change in the health plan was ahead.

We focused our efforts in two areas—creating a benefit’s brand that represented the company’s culture and values—and dramatically simplifying the language and visual presentation of all communications. We created and promoted a benefits brand that represented the company’s culture and as a leader and dramatically simplified the language and visual presentation of the company’s health plan in order to drive greater understanding and greater consumer engagement.

Simplify your healthcare offerings

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Benefit from simplicity

Fill out this form to get in touch with us and we can schedule a conversation. Our health insurance and benefits experts will spend three hours analyzing your strategy and communications and provide a detailed report including recommendations and best practices—just in time for annual enrollment.