Own it

Love the question mark

Give others the win

Keep growing

Working at Langrand

Langrand is a community of designers, storytellers, strategists, entrepreneurs and more. Our shared values allow us to be equally creative at work or at play.

You'll be exposed to work that challenges you.

Our clients are leaders in their respective industries, and they expect a lot from us. We want people who expect a lot of themselves, too.

You'll grow.

No, not literally. But you will get a chance to sharpen your skills, pick up new ones and share what you learn with your coworkers.

You'll put your creativity to work.

We believe hands weren’t made to be idle. At Langrand we encourage you to be your most creative self—no matter how well you can draw.

You won't be all work and no play.

Flexible summer hours. Wine & Vinyl Fridays. Wild owl releases. And all the coffee you can drink (provided you make it).

Current openings

Design director
A cut above the rest—not just good but great
After work that feels human and true
UX/UI Designer
Curiosity of a scientist and the passion of an artist
Account Supervisor
Daring, growth-focused leadership
Account Director
The visionary always looking to the horizon
Account Executive
A smooth operator

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