Idahoans from all walks of life know what they want in a health insurance company—and what they don’t. We worked with Blue Cross of Idaho to craft a brand strategy built around what matters most to its members, bolstered by the simple realization that health insurance isn’t something people think about every day.

In-depth research tells us that what’s true of consumers in general is especially true of Idahoans: People don’t need heroics from their health insurance company—just a little more reliability on the basics. Do what you say you’re going to do when your customers need you, and stay out of their day-to-day lives when they don’t need you.

This idea was the driving force behind the development of a new brand promise for Blue Cross of Idaho: “On your side, not in your way.” Working side by side with our client, we not only transformed this promise into an entire messaging strategy, but also developed a series of user-tested brand tenets that define their beliefs in the value they deliver. By putting people first and staying out of their way. By working to ensure you get what you pay for at a price that’s affordable. By following through on our commitment to making healthcare easier to use and understand.


Central to bringing this new brand promise to life was a comprehensive advertising campaign that celebrates life’s simple, everyday moments—moments that have nothing to do with health insurance.

But this new strategy also had to hit home with some of our client’s most important stakeholders—employees—and in order to do that, much more than an advertising campaign was in order. Langrand designed a custom launch event with the goal of having employees rally behind the new brand.

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