In an industry where people have become so used to a disconnected experience that anything better would feel strange at first, we partnered with one of the biggest players in health insurance to tell a story about health care that delivered something it’s been missing for a long time—a real human connection.

To its clients across the country, Whole Health Connection is more than a way to bundle medical, pharmacy, vision and a myriad of other benefits. It connects people to their family physicians, connects their team of doctors, connects everyone to their own health data—these are the points that matter in delivering the truly best care. So we set out to help unify this story of connection. Of health made whole.

Working with the sales and marketing team, we helped to define a visual language and messaging strategy to bring Whole Health Connection to life. From video to digital to sales materials, we knew we had to transform a universal idea—health plan integration—into tangible benefits that would resonate with decision-makers. Care made personal. Choices made clear. Business made better.

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