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Q&A with Kristin Smith, Accounts

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What does it mean to be an account supervisor?

Sometimes I feel like kind of a spider. I got a hand in everything at once. Coordinating the team, strategy, conflict negotiation, day-to-day organization and planning. But I think the most important parts of my role are guiding and uplifting people. When I have a person reporting to me, I want to make sure they are on the right path for success, growth and development. I know I’m on my game when I see those I’m responsible for growing and thriving.

Can you give some insight into your process?

Get all the facts first, then make a plan. How much time and how much money do we have to get to the finish line? Then give the client, “here’s what I think it will take, what do you see?” Give them something to react to. I want to make sure we’re in alignment. Once we’re in sync on the process, it’s just bringing everyone else up to speed and along for the journey.

I’m motivated by information. I’m only as good as what I know. But when I do know, I’m pretty tenacious about moving forward.

What motivates you? And what keeps you going when things get tough?

I’m motivated by information. I’m only as good as what I know. But when I do know, I’m pretty tenacious about moving forward. What drives me is preparedness and feeling confident in the information I have. And when things aren’t going my way, or I’m just having a tough day, what keeps me going is this desire to do something well, and do it right. Sometimes that’s the pep talk I give myself. “You’re here for a reason. Let’s get it right, let’s make it right. Never give up.”

Do you ever feel a responsibility that’s more than just your job requirements?

As marketers we all should have a desire to be a beacon. Of something. A beacon of hope, to someone who’s looking for an answer. I’ve always wanted to bring awareness to things otherwise overlooked or thought to be unimportant. To turn the public’s perspective around. That drives me. In marketing, you have the opportunity to give someone a voice, when they couldn’t be heard before. To tell a story that draws people in.

How do you think about long-term strategy for clients when the future seems so uncertain?

Transparency and flexibility. I try to be high-energy when it comes to getting the work done. I want my clients, especially now, to feel secure. I want them to know that if things are different a month from now, two months from now, we’re prepared. So if we’re proposing a long-term strategy, they know, given these times we’re operating in, that if we need to pivot, change direction, we have that option in the game plan. But in the meantime, we’re getting things done.